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Grandparents’ Rights

Do you know your rights as a grandparent in Georgia? Our attorneys at , in Valdosta can explain your rights and what options are available in your case.

Custody And Visitation — Finding A Resolution

We are dedicated to helping grandparents understand their legal options when their grandchildren are involved. Our lawyers have more than 40 years of combined legal experience with domestic relations issues.

Child custody and visitation issues need to be carefully evaluated to ensure your rights are protected. As skilled trial lawyers, we know how to effectively explore all factors in your case. This process can be very emotional and frustrating. We are here to address your concerns and to find the best resolution for you and your grandchildren.

Understanding Your Case

Grandparents should understand their rights under current domestic relations laws. Grandparents have the right to request visitation rights from the court to visit their grandchildren.

Grandparents need to show the court through evidence that the child’s welfare or health will be harmed and it is in the child’s best interests to allow the grandparents to visit them. In cases where the grandparent’s child (child’s parent) is deceased, incapacitated or incarcerated, grandparents only need to prove that visitation rights are in the best interests of the child.

We Will Protect Your Rights

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