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Signs that you are divorcing a narcissist

You can be married to a person for years without ever seeing their true colors. It’s easy to fall in love with the person that you believe them to be, and when times are good, they will confirm your beliefs, and life will feel perfect and easy. However, over time, roadblocks appear and challenges arise. It is often during these challenges in relationships and life when a person’s true colors show.

You may now be faced with a spouse whom you feel you do not know or cannot love. The warm, bright and beautiful person that you once married is no longer there, and you are now facing a hostile, argumentative and vindictive person who is fighting you at every turn. If you can relate to this, you may be dealing with a divorcing spouse who is a narcissist. The following are some signs that you are divorcing a narcissist, and some tips for dealing with this situation.

They blame everyone but themselves

A narcissist cannot accept fault or blame. When something goes wrong, they will find reasons for why it was someone else’s fault. For example, if they were fired from their job because of something they did wrong, they will argue that their boss was threatened by them, or that a coworker betrayed them.

They never let things go

Does your ex hold grudges from years ago? If your ex remembers a minor thing that you did that hurt their ego years ago and remains annoyed by it, bringing it up in arguments whenever they have the chance, it is likely that they have narcissistic tendencies.

They love-bombed you

Narcissists often appear perfect at the beginning of a relationship. They will shower you with love and attention before slowly bringing in the reins and controlling you.

If you have now seen the true colors of your divorcing spouse and believe that they are a narcissist, it is important that you put in place an aggressive divorce strategy to make sure that you get the desired outcome.