Passion For The Law And Devotion To Our Clients

About The Firm’s Seminars, Courses And Speaking Schedules

Roger Dodd is a frequent lecturer for seminars and CLE courses. View Mr. Dodd’s speaking schedule for details on where and when he will be in your area.

Charitable Work

The lawyers and staff at Dodd & Burnham, PC believe in giving back to the community. With a special focus on causes dedicated to helping children, they assist a variety of charitable organizations, including Kidski and the Boys and Girls Club of Valdosta. Each year, Mr. Dodd also donates hundreds of hours to pro bono legal education, mentoring young lawyers, community volunteering, and pro bono legal representation.

Four Types Of Fee Structures

  1. Personal injury and wrongful death payment structure. All personal injury and wrongful death claims are charged on a contingency fee-also known as a percentage fee basis. This means you pay nothing until you recover damages for your injury. Your interests and ours are perfectly aligned.
  2. Criminal law payment structure. For the majority of criminal cases at Dodd & Burnham, we require a flat fee where payment is due at the start of your claim. Complex felony or misdemeanor charges have higher fees than simple charges.
  3. Domestic relations payment structure. Domestic relations cases incur an hourly fee. Clients must pay a retainer fee at the start of their case.
  4. Unusual case payment structure. Dodd & Burnham tailors flexible fee arrangements for cases that do not fall into our main areas of practice. Your exact cost will depend on the complexity of your legal matter.

Discreet And Confidential Legal Services

While our record of success is undeniably impressive, the attorneys at Dodd & Burnham do not publish settlements or verdicts. We offer confidential services to all our clients and do not release your name, settlement, verdict, or other sensitive information to outside parties.

613 North Patterson Street’s History

Dodd & Burnham‘s legal practice is located in one of four houses built on Patterson Street in 1895. Initially home to David Smith, a local lawyer and judge, 613 Patterson Street has been a law office, a school, an apartment building and a haunted house during its long life. It is an integral structure in Valdosta’s historic district.

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