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Defending Stepparent Rights With The Equitable Caregiver Law

Blended families are becoming more common with every passing day. Some of these families involve stepparents assuming the role of one of the primary caregivers for the children in their relationship, resulting in a deep connection between the stepparent and stepchildren. If your marriage as a stepparent ends, the Equitable Caregiver Act may allow you to defend your rights as a parent to your children.

At Dodd & Burnham, we have decades of experience representing our clients through difficult legal challenges involving family law. We are proud to represent the needs of clients throughout Georgia from our Valdosta office, and we do everything in our power to use the law to their advantage.

How The Equitable Caregiver Act Could Help You

Since the 2019 passage of the Equitable Caregiver Act in Georgia, any adult who has assumed the position of an equitable caregiver to a child has the right to pursue parental rights or visitation with the child. While the law may be able to benefit someone who has been consistently providing competent and compassionate care for a child, you will still need help to prove it.

We take the time to work closely with our clients to build a case that proves you are eligible to become an equitable caregiver, including gathering evidence such as:

  • How ending your relationship with a child can cause them to suffer emotionally or psychologically
  • The medical needs of the child
  • The depth of the emotional bond you have with the child and how it was developed
  • The level of care you were already providing the child

These kinds of cases can be extremely emotional for our clients, which is why we take it upon ourselves to handle everything possible in these matters to make the process as painless and efficient as possible. We are determined to get results that benefit you and your family.

Let Us Help Your Family

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