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Dram Shop Liability: What Is It?

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, holding them accountable is extremely important. Dodd & Burnham has served clients in Valdosta and the surrounding cities in southern Georgia. Drunk drivers put everyone on the road at risk. What many don’t know is that the driver may not be the only one you can sue.

Understanding Who Can Be Held Responsible

When working with our firm, we will examine all areas of your case. This means gathering necessary evidence and talking to experts in their fields. Over the years, we have handled cases of all shapes and sizes. Part of our work is holding not only the drunk drivers responsible for your injuries but those who served them, as well. When someone is driving under the influence, the bartender who served them can also be held liable. They overserved the customer that got in the car and ended up hurting you.

In order to win compensation for our clients, we must prove our case in a number of ways. This includes finding the proof of sale of the alcohol to the patron and showing that the injuries were a result of this. We also must show that the driver’s intoxication was at least part of the cause of the crash. As a business, bars and restaurants have a duty to act responsibly. This means that they can’t serve anyone who is visibly intoxicated. When they do, they put everyone in danger.

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If a driver was overserved and it resulted in an accident that caused you harm, you may have a case. You may be eligible to receive payment for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To learn more, call our office in Valdosta today at 229-474-3609 or fill out our contact form.