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It is not unusual for a truck owner or their insurer to offer a quick settlement that may be well below what you financially deserve. Our truck accident attorneys in Valdosta have three decades of experience in serving South Georgia victims using qualified scientific, forensic, and medical experts to determine who may be liable. Some of the factors our attorneys will consider when investigating your personal injury claim include:

  • Improper Truck Maintenance
  • Driver Hour Violations
  • Overloaded or Oversized Trucks
  • Trucking Company Negligence
  • Truck Driver Fatigue
  • Unsafe Safety Systems or Warning Devices
  • DUI or Overly Aggressive Driving

The experienced truck accident attorneys at Dodd & Burnham can help you obtain medical care as well as compensation for lost wages, medical needs, permanent disabilities, and more. You shouldn’t rush to settle after a truck accident, but don’t compromise you right to seek compensation by waiting too long to take action. Use our website’s DO I HAVE A CASE form for a prompt and private response.

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Trucking accidents are some of the most complicated personal injury cases to settle. Our truck accident lawyer knows that is not unusual for 18 wheelers, semi-trucks, tanker trucks, cement trucks, delivery vehicles and other vehicles for hire to be covered by multiple insurance policies. Since personal injuries are often more severe, liability limits for these policies can be much higher. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle along Interstate-75, or in Thomasville, Valdosta, Adel, Quitman, Statenville, Moultrie, Nashville and other South Georgia communities contact us today to schedule a free consultation. A truck accident lawyer from Dodd & Burnham can meet with you at our Valdosta office or a designated place in your Georgia community.