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Car Accidents Can Result In Serious Injury

Searching for a car accident lawyer to protect your rights? At Dodd & Burnham, we understand insurance companies and their adjusters. We know they have a set of rules for handling claims when an accident victim is not represented by an attorney. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident in Valdosta or southern Georgia, choose an attorney who has the resources to properly investigate, reconstruct, document and present a personal injury case that can protect you and your family. Our firm has access to the following resources:

  • Investigators to determine how an accident happened
  • Medical experts to determine the costs of future care
  • Expert witnesses to provide compelling testimony
  • Financial experts to evaluate the monetary demands
  • Experienced trial attorneys to negotiate a fair settlement

Although you may be entitled to compensation for property damage, auto repairs, medical bills, pain and suffering, disfigurement, lost wages or permanent disabilities, the fact remains that the insurance company’s goal is to settle for the lowest amount. Our goal is to use the firm’s experience and expertise to help you obtain a fair settlement that includes total compensation for well-documented losses and future expenses.

Call Today To Discuss Your Case With An Attorney

For decades, car accident victims have depended on our auto accident attorneys. That’s something we don’t take lightly. Our attorneys continue to work hard every day to ensure our clients have a voice in the legal process that protects their rights. Since memories fade, taking timely actions following any accident can be critical to the outcome. If you or a loved one have received serious injuries in a car, truck, motorcycle, or boating accident, we can arrange to meet with you at our office, your hospital room, rehab facility, home or other designated location to discuss the specifics of your case.

You only have one opportunity to recover the money you will need to manage your financial future. Call us today at 229-474-3609 or contact us online for a prompt response.