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Advocating For Clients After A Slip-And-Fall Case

Our slip-and-fall attorneys have won numerous and significant settlements for Dodd & Burnham clients injured in slip-and-fall accidents. Wet floors, loose railings, missing steps, unmarked ramps, store spills and slick surfaces are some of the common reasons that slip-and-fall accidents happen. Known as premises liability claims in the legal world, steps that our slip-and-fall attorneys can take to improve your odds of winning include:

  • Take photos before dangerous conditions are repaired
  • Check property maintenance records
  • Interview witnesses and store employees
  • Determine if the owner knew about dangerous conditions
  • Provide detailed reconstruction of the accident scene
  • Check for building compliance with safety regulations
  • Investigate manufacturer of railings, ramps or steps

Just because you fell, doesn’t mean the property owner is responsible for your personal injuries. That’s why you need a team of experienced slip-and-fall attorneys like Roger Dodd and Michael Burnham to help you navigate a premises liability claim. For a prompt, private response, contact us online to submit the details of your accident.

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At Dodd & Burnham, our premises liability lawyers serve Valdosta and other south Georgia communities. These cases often involve debilitating or permanent injuries, amputations, spinal cord injuries, wrongful deaths, severe burns and other traumatic injuries.

When a property owner knows or should have known about a dangerous condition but fails to make the condition safe or to warn you of the danger, they may be held liable. An experienced trial lawyer can best determine whether you should seek compensation for damages. Call us at 229-474-3609 for a free consultation.