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Drug Offenses: An Overview

A conviction for a drug offense can result in harsh consequences that can ruin the rest of your life. You need an experienced defense attorney on your side to protect your rights when it matters most.

Protecting Your Rights

Our attorneys at Dodd & Burnham have decades of experience defending the rights of individuals charged with drug offenses in Valdosta and south Georgia. Drug cases are taken seriously by prosecutors. We take them seriously, too.

We will diligently prepare for your case and do everything possible to find the best outcome. As experienced trial lawyers, we know how to carefully evaluate all factors in your case. Our attention to detail and personal representation helps us develop a clear and effective defense.

Common Drug Offense Charges

Distribution, trafficking, possession or cultivation charges can be tricky, and many times the charge depends on collective variables such as:

  • Drug use and possession
  • Quantity of drugs
  • Area of the arrest
  • Intent to sell drugs

Based on the specifics of the arrest, you are at risk of being charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.

Answering Your Drug Crime Questions

Facing drug charges can leave you with more questions than answers. The Georgia attorney you choose to represent you in your case should be able to defend your rights and future as well as provide you the information and guidance you need in your case.

At Dodd & Burnham, we are determined to get results for our clients. While we stand for you, we can also answer your questions. Read below for answers to some frequently asked questions we receive about drug crime charges in George. And for information specific to your situation, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

What Are The Consequences Of Marijuana Charges?

Depending on the nature of your charges, you will face different potential consequences. For example, having one ounce or less of marijuana in your possession can result in up to one year in jail and $1,000 in fines. However, being in possession of more than 10 pounds can result in trafficking charges, which can have up to 10 years of jail time and thousands of dollars in fines.

Can I Be Charged For Prescription Medications?

Even if you can get a drug at your local pharmacist, it can still be a crime to have it under certain conditions. Getting prescription medications outside of a pharmacy or earning pharmaceuticals by way of fraud can both result in possession or intent to distribute charges.

Why Am I Facing Intent To Distribute Charges?

Even if you had no intention of selling any kind of drug, having a certain amount of a particular drug can qualify you for intent to sell charges. The amount you need to have in these cases varies depending on the volume of the drug police found in your possession.

Did The Police Conduct A Legal Search?

The Fourth Amendment protects you from illegal searches, but officers can still search you and your property under certain conditions, such as:

  • With your permission
  • After an arrest was made
  • With a valid search warrant
  • If your vehicle has been impounded
  • If a drug is in plain sight
  • If the police gather evidence during an illegal search, we may be able to get that evidence suppressed.

We have a reputation for providing strong legal representation for individuals charged with drug possession, drug trafficking and other drug-related offenses. We have the knowledge, experience and reputation to handle your case. We will guide you through the criminal justice system so you know what to expect and so all of your options are explored.

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