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Think carefully about how you negotiate child custody

Child custody cases are often very difficult to handle. The emotional involvement of both parents can make this a challenge, especially when the parents don’t agree on what needs to happen with the children. It’s imperative that you take the time to think about your methods for negotiating custody if you’re going through this situation.

One of the most important things that you have to remember when you’re in this position is that the children’s best interests have to come first. You can’t let anything cloud your vision when it comes to what the children need. Following these guidelines may help you as you try to work out custody terms.

Leave the past alone

With very few exceptions, the things that led to the end of your marriage don’t matter when you’re trying to set up the parenting plan. Unless your ex was abusive or addicted to something that could harm the kids, it likely won’t do you any good to bring up the reasons the marriage ended.

Think about all options

There are sometimes multiple solutions to a problem. You and your ex should negotiate to come up with the terms of the parenting plan. In order to negotiate, you have to be willing to think about all the possible options that could help you solve the issue before you.

Put it in writing

Once you come to an agreement about something, get it in the parenting plan. This gives you and your ex something to refer to in the future if there’s ever a question about the agreement. Working closely with your attorney can help ensure that the terms are written in an enforceable manner.