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How do you afford a personal injury attorney?

You’ve been hurt in a wreck with a distracted driver. From the very start, the whole situation seemed so obvious – and your injuries seemed so clear – that you never dreamed that they or their insurance company would deny liability.

With any hopes of an easy settlement process dashed and your bills mounting up, you feel like justice is really out of your reach, and you have no idea how you will ever afford a personal injury attorney’s services.

It’s easier than you think to hire a personal injury lawyer

The vast majority of personal injury attorneys understand that their clients are in no position to gamble on the uncertainties of a lawsuit – even if they have enough money to get started. For that reason, attorneys who take on injury claims usually work under a contingency fee agreement.

This generally means that they only charge for their services if they are successful in either negotiating a settlement for their client or winning a lawsuit in court. They then take their fee as a percentage of the compensation their client receives. (Exactly how much of a percentage they take may depend on the attorney, the value of your claim, its complexity and whether the case settles or goes to trial.)

Contingency fee agreements mean that injury attorneys have to be selective

Attorneys, naturally, want to be paid for their work, so they won’t usually take on a claim that they don’t think they can win. For that reason, you can expect an attorney to ask detailed questions about your case during your initial consultation. They’re probing to figure out whether your case has merit, its potential value and the strengths and weaknesses of your position.

Ultimately, that’s good news: If an attorney agrees to take your case, they believe you can win – no matter what the other party is saying.

If you’ve been involved in a wreck, don’t let financial concerns stop you from seeking fair compensation for your injuries and losses.