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Do you have to wear a helmet when riding your bike in Georgia?

Bicycles offer outdoor fun and a great way to get around. Many people are turning to their bikes today as an eco-friendly way to get where they need to go.

If you plan to ride your bike in Georgia for any reason, it’s important to know about the bike helmet laws.

Georgia’s bicycle helmet laws

Bicycle accidents occur all the time. While you can recoup compensation if the accident was caused by a negligent individual, it’s still a good idea to protect yourself. One of the best forms of protection is a helmet.

In fact, the helmet is so important that Georgia has created specific laws about when it must be used.

  • All riders under 16 must always wear a helmet when on a bicycle.
  • The helmet used must meet the Snell Memorial Foundation or American National Standards Institute standards.
  • It’s illegal to lease or rent a bicycle for someone under 16 if they don’t have a helmet.

Are there punishments for not wearing a helmet?

Adults are not fined or penalized for not wearing a helmet while riding a bike. Children under 16 will not be penalized for this, either. However, if children are found riding without a helmet, their parents may face some legal consequences.

While helmets aren’t required for bike riders over the age of 16, they are still recommended. This is because if an accident does occur, having a helmet will reduce the potential of a serious head injury or traumatic brain injury. Still, the possibility of injuries requiring considerable compensation is high due to the minimal protection you have on a bike.