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Who can use marijuana legally in Georgia?

If you look at a color-coded map that represents which states have legalized recreational or medical marijuana, you’ll see that more states than not reflect some form of legalization. Many maps will include Georgia among the states where medicinal marijuana is legal.

However, although Georgia has made some progress in recent years, it hasn’t been as quick or far-reaching as reform in other states. Even those who think they qualify for legal marijuana could find that they don’t or could wind up arrested for something that they think isn’t against the law. Who has the legal right to use marijuana in Georgia?

Only registered patients can use a specific kind of medical marijuana

Medical marijuana programs range from very restrictive to very liberal. Georgia’s program is one of the most tightly controlled medical marijuana systems in the country. There are only a handful of qualifying medical conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder and terminal illnesses, along with a few other conditions.

Patients are required to have diagnostic proof of their condition, and they have to register as a patient with the state. Once they have a state card for medical marijuana, they only have the legal right to possess low-THC marijuana oils. Smoked marijuana products, edible marijuana products and other forms of marijuana with high levels of THC are still against the law. Selling marijuana, even for those with medical needs, is also still illegal, despite the state has no dispensaries for qualifying patients.

Even those who have a card could find themselves arrested for a violation of the program and facing serious consequences for an alleged drug offense. If you are facing such charges, don’t take them lightly. An experienced attorney can help.