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Head injuries in car wrecks can vary greatly

Individuals who are involved in a car crash can suffer from several types of injuries. One of these is a head injury. It might shock people to know that not all brain injuries that are suffered in a car wreck are due to the head hitting something. Instead, the violent back and forth movement that occurs at the time of the impact can lead to brain damage, even if the person’s head never contacts anything in the vehicle.

Not all head injuries that people suffer in a car wreck are the same. There are many different types that can occur, and all of these can impact the person in various ways.

  • Concussion: A concussion occurs when the brain slams against the inside of the skull. It’s also associated with penetrating or closed injuries.
  • Penetrating: This occurs when something pierces the skull and comes into contact with the brain. Gunshot wounds, stabbings and head impalements are penetrating injuries.
  • Closed injury: These occur when the head strikes something, but the skull isn’t penetrated. The brain can swell, which can cause additional damage.
  • Contusion: This occurs when there is a blow to the head that causes bleeding or bruising on the brain. It can also be caused by the brain striking the skull when there’s a jolt.

Anyone who starts to have symptoms of a head injury, including a headache or loss of consciousness, after a wreck will have to seek medical care. This can be costly, and the victim shouldn’t have to pay that cost. They can seek compensation from the driver who struck them to recover the damages they’ve suffered in the crash.