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‘Tis the season to think about holiday custody

Going through a divorce is a major life change for adults, but it’s also a time of uncertainty for their children. Kids will soon realize that they will have two very distinct ways of life – one with each parent. 

As parents, you will probably realize that you won’t have your children with you for every holiday. You need to think about several things when you’re trying to work out custody arrangements for the upcoming holiday season.

What’s best for the children?

The children will likely want to celebrate the holiday season with both parents. In some cases, reaching an agreement with your co-parent about who has the kids and when is easy because one parent will celebrate on one day, and the other will celebrate on a different one. For example, the mother’s side of the family may celebrate on Christmas eve, and the father and his relatives may gather on Christmas Day. Letting the children have those days with their family members is likely what’s best for them.

Can you create new traditions?

Traditions are often very important to families, but you might not be able to keep up with the same ones you had when you were married, though. Instead of worrying about that, think of new traditions you might be able to enjoy. Ask your kids for input. This presents an opportunity for you to find things that everyone can enjoy.

Anyone who’s battling for custody should ensure that they get things worked out as quickly as possible. The holiday season is often a contentious time of year, so having a plan in place early on is important. The final parenting plan should have a set schedule for the holidays so that you know what will happen each year.