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Who pays when a Georgia driver hurts a pedestrian?

There are many different kinds of crashes that range in severity from minor inconveniences to life-altering tragedies. A pedestrian crash could very easily fall into that second category. Pedestrians do not have the structure of a vehicle to protect them from the force of impact and are therefore more vulnerable when a crash occurs. A pedestrian can very easily suffer debilitating or deadly injuries even when a collision occurs at lower speeds.

A pedestrian hit by a vehicle could end up in a hospital or unable to continue working. Someone injured in a crash usually has questions about how they can cover their expenses. Who is usually responsible for the costs created by a pedestrian collision?

The driver might be liable

A significant percentage of pedestrian crashes are the fault of the driver, not the pedestrian. Drivers often fail to monitor their surroundings properly and could very easily miss a pedestrian in traffic. Even during daylight hours when someone crosses at a marked location, drivers may not notice them.

Distraction, intoxication and bigger vehicles have combined to drastically increase the number of pedestrian collisions and deaths in recent years. The number of pedestrian fatalities recently reached a 40-year high, and the trend shows no signs of reversing.

Usually, car insurance is the first form of protection available after a pedestrian crash. Unfortunately, the coverage required to legally drive in Georgia is quite low when one considers the consequences a wreck might have for a pedestrian. Often, pedestrians sustain such significant injuries that their only real option is to take legal action against the person who hit them.

Occasionally, there may even be an option of pursuing a lawsuit against a third party. Vehicle manufacturers and employers are among those who may have some liability for a recent pedestrian collision. Determining who is truly liable is an important part of seeking compensation. Injured pedestrians often need help reviewing the circumstances of their crash to determine what options they have available.

A successful personal injury lawsuit filed after someone gets hurt or a wrongful death lawsuit after a deadly pedestrian crash could provide appropriate compensation for the economic losses generated by a driver’s distraction or negligence. Knowing who is liable for crash expenses may help empower people to seek compensation when a collision injures them or affects their families.