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Delivery drivers and fatigue: What everyone should know

Delivery drivers operate a host of different vehicle styles. Some do their job duties in their personal vehicles. Others may drive box trucks or semitrucks. Regardless of what type of vehicle they drive, they’re all prone to fatigue — especially during the busy holiday season.

Unfortunately, some people associate fatigued driving with long-haul truckers, but this is also a problem for individuals who drive local routes. There is never a time when fatigue is appropriate for a commercial driver. 

What causes commercial driver fatigue?

Lack of sleep is an obvious cause of fatigue for many commercial drivers. This is why the hours of service regulations are in place. There are other causes of fatigue that might also come into the picture. These include:

  • Driving on familiar roads (causing the driver to “zone out:)
  • Working on other tasks before driving (which can leave their mind preoccupied)
  • Taking medications that cause fatigue (including over-the-counter drugs, like cold meds)
  • Failing to control or treat medical conditions (like sleep apnea or diabetes)
  • Drinking alcohol or using drugs (which is always reckless)

Commercial drivers who are fatigued are likely going to drive unsafely. Their reaction time to hazards in the road might be too slow to avoid the obstacle. They may not be able to focus on driving. They may even doze off while the vehicle is in motion. All of those points can lead to wrecks that injure innocent people.

Anyone who’s struck by a delivery driver will likely suffer serious injuries. When negligence or recklessness is a contributing factor, victims may opt to pursue a claim for compensation. This can help them to recover the financial losses they suffered because of the crash. Working with someone familiar with Georgia’s personal injury laws may help to reduce your stress as your case makes its way through the system.