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3 reasons you may get arrested for a Georgia DUI

Georgia driving under the influence (DUI) charges can mean fines, jail time and the loss of your license, even if this is your first offense. If you drive for a living, you may have to find a different profession after a drunk driving conviction.

Drivers can find themselves accused of impaired driving after interacting with police in a number of different situations. When do people typically get arrested for drunk driving in Georgia?

After a motor vehicle collision

It is common practice for police officers to perform chemical tests after motor vehicle collisions, even on the driver who didn’t cause the crash. You may not have been at fault and may not have had impaired driving, but if you are over the per se limit for alcohol, you can still get arrested at the scene of a collision due to a failed breath test.

After a targeted traffic stop

Police officers know that certain behaviors are warning signs of drunk driving. They may pull you over if you swerve from side to side, drive much slower than other vehicles or behave in an erratic manner at the wheel. If an officer pulls you over and concludes that you are under the influence after speaking with or testing you, they may arrest you.

After stopping at sobriety checkpoints

Georgia police departments can legally conduct sobriety checkpoints, provided that they meet certain standards. You could get arrested as part of a mass enforcement effort despite having no issues with your overall driving performance.

Understanding when you are likely to get arrested for drunk driving can help you avoid charges or better respond to the consequences of a recent arrest.