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The school run can be dangerous for both parents and kids

Part of your daily routine involves dropping the kids off at school and collecting them. Generally, this goes smoothly and there are no issues but the school run certainly has the potential to be dangerous. 

The danger not only lies with parents who operate the vehicles but also with the kids who are being dropped off at their destination. Outlined below are a few things to keep in mind 

More congestion for drivers 

When you’re on the school run it’s important to remember that many families are doing exactly the same thing, at the same time of day. This can make for congested roads, and a higher volume of traffic increases the likelihood of an accident. Remember, parents may be taking their kids to school on the way to work, so they could be in a hurry. This means that they might be less patient and more prone to making driver errors. 

Hazards outside of the vehicle 

Once a child has been dropped off, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the hazards have passed. With a car park full of moving vehicles, there are still numerous risks for pedestrian children. 

Some kids jump on the bus with their friends to get to school. It’s important to remember that there are potential hazards with this too. Bus drivers and companies owe a duty of care to their passengers. The school also has a responsibility to ensure that safety protocols are implemented for children arriving and departing by bus. 

If you or your child have been injured through negligence on the school run, you may be entitled to compensation. Seeking legal guidance will give you a more precise idea of your options.