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What are your rights after getting hurt in a hit-and-run crash?

Drivers in Georgia should register their vehicles, maintain the appropriate licensing and carry insurance. When a crash does occur, all of the drivers involved should stop and exchange information with each other. They may need to reach out to the local police department to file a report so that everyone involved can pursue insurance claims as necessary.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the state follows the law. Just like there are people who will exceed the speed limit or drive with a suspended license, there are plenty of people who will speed off from the scene of a crash in the hope of avoiding responsibility. Perhaps they are under the influence or know that their license is invalid.

Whatever the reason, the person who hits you could drive off and leave you alone, waiting for police as the victim of a hit-and-run. What happens after a hit-and-run crash in Georgia?

The police will investigate

Leaving the scene of a collision instead of stopping is a crime, and the person involved could face prosecution. However, unless there are serious injuries or property damage resulting from the crash, police departments may not invest very many resources in tracking down a hit-and-run driver. When crashes occur in places without traffic cameras or witnesses, it may be difficult to find the other driver.

If they locate the person at fault for the crash, then you will be able to make a claim against their insurance or take them to civil court, possibly both. If they do not locate the other driver, then the only financial protection you have will come from your own insurance policy.

Basic policies may not help after a hit and run

What Georgia requires in terms of motor vehicle insurance is liability coverage. The mandatory coverage on your policy technically protects other people if you are the one who causes a crash. However, if you invested in additional coverage on your policy, such as collision coverage or uninsured motorist protection, then your policy may help pay for both your injuries and even the property damage to your vehicle.

Some people dealing with a hit-and-run crash may require assistance navigating cooperation with the police department or with managing a complex insurance claim. Knowing what to expect after a car crash will help you protect yourself from the worst outcomes in such scenarios.