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How to stay safe while traveling during the holiday season

The holidays are a busy time for everyone. There is so much more that goes on, from family gatherings to holiday parties. During this time, most people take work off to travel, which means there’s more traffic on the road than average.

Unfortunately, driving during this season is more dangerous than during other times of the year. This is because the weather and road conditions can be risky, from reduced visibility to ice, snow and fog. What’s more, more cars on the road means there’s a higher likelihood of accidents occurring. 

Here are some tips to help keep you safe on the road during the holiday season:

Ensure your car is ready for the long trip

One of the best ways to ensure you are safe on the road is to prepare your car in advance. You can prepare your car by doing the following:

  • Have the car checked by a mechanic
  • Check the brakes and the safety belts
  • Make any necessary repairs
  • Maintain your car regularly
  • Stay alert

Driving during the holidays is riskier because of the heavy traffic. Besides, there is nothing more you can do to make sure the other drivers are vigilant –  all you can do is stay alert. In addition, plan your driving times during the day when there is good visibility. 

Follow traffic rules

You should always follow traffic rules when driving during the holiday season. For example, follow the required speed limit and yield at the right times. Also, be on the lookout for traffic laws changes, particularly when traveling across multiple states. 

Plan for emergencies

You never know what might happen when you travel. So, ensure your phones are fully charged, carry extra batteries for your flashlights, and have an extra tire and other vital items in your car. 

In addition, prepare an emergency kit that will include road flares, a first aid kit, heavy blankets, rock salt or sand for road traction, water, nutritional bars and energy-rich foods. 

Stay safe during the holidays

While the holidays are a time for celebrations, merrymaking should not be taken to the roads. There is much to worry about while driving, and having to deal with a car accident is the last thing you want.