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Limits to know about when filing a car accident/injury claim

Your odds of emerging from a major car accident with only minor injuries and damages are not good. Most serious vehicle crashes result in severe personal injury and property destruction.

As soon as your medical condition stabilizes, you must deal with the financial side of your accident by filing an insurance claim or lawsuit. All states impose limits (time, money, etc.) that every vehicle accident victim should learn.

Georgia accident claim time limits

State laws only give accident and injury victims a specific amount of time to file for accident damages. In Georgia, you have two years to submit a claim for bodily injury and a four-year time limit for a property damage claim. These same time limits apply if seeking compensation through an injury lawsuit. 

Insurance companies encourage victims to file immediately but waiting a short while ensures your claim covers all the losses you suffered. Some severe injuries (brain trauma, etc.) may not show symptoms initially, so make certain you understand the full extent of your harm before filing.

Georgia compensation caps

Georgia imposes few limits on compensation. You have a good chance of obtaining a substantial payout as long as you bear less than 50% of the fault.

Victims may also pursue punitive damages to punish deplorably reckless drivers and hold them accountable for their negligence. However, the most you can recover in punitive damages is $250,000. 

When you know how to deal with insurers, you have much better odds of obtaining the compensation you deserve after a serious injury. Continue learning about Georgia accident and injury compensation to make the most of your claim.