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Car accidents cause emotional injuries, too 

Sadly, there are millions of road traffic collisions across the U.S. every year. In minor crashes, victims can often walk away with few physical injuries. Serious car crashes can result in life-changing injuries and even fatalities. 

One aspect that is commonly overlooked is emotional injuries, which can happen in any type of accident. The shock and psychological trauma of a crash can result in long-term emotional injuries as discussed below. 

Symptoms of PTSD are common after wrecks

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is commonly associated with veterans of war. While this condition can affect soldiers and former soldiers, it can impact anyone who has been through a traumatic experience, including a car crash.

Psychological conditions, such as PTSD, can affect individuals differently, but there are some common symptoms.  Often, the sufferer will have nightmares or flashbacks of the accident scene. It may become very difficult for the sufferer to socialize either with friends or family members. It may also be unfeasible for the individual to work until they have made a recovery, which can take months or even years. 

Treatment options for PTSD vary

Every case of PTSD is unique. Sometimes, symptoms will subside with time. Nonetheless, medical intervention is often required which can include taking the medication regularly and/or psychotherapy. 

In personal injury claims, you can include both mental and physical suffering and it is vital that the former is not overlooked. Quantifying your psychological injuries can be tricky, and you’re going to need medical evidence. Having legal guidance behind you will give you the best possible chance of a successful outcome.