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2 ways drug court proceedings may benefit defendants

Drug offenses are some of the most common charges that people get arrested for in Georgia. Police officers can arrest people for physically possessing prohibited drugs and also for being under their influence, which is a form of possession. Drug charges may lead to jail time, fines and probation, with repeat offenses and higher levels of possession often resulting in more serious penalties.

Those who have been arrested for a drug offense in Georgia might recognize that their criminal issues are a direct result of a substance abuse disorder. Those who have developed a chemical dependence or addiction are often at elevated risk of legal problems, including criminal prosecution. For some defendants, the drug courts can offer a way to minimize criminal consequences and avoid future issues as well.

Drug court involves treatment for addiction

The Georgia drug courts are part of the state’s accountability courts program. By helping those accused of criminal offenses take control of what led to the offense, these courts seek to help facilitate rehabilitation, rather than just punishment. One of the basic requirements set in almost all drug court proceedings is a requirement to undergo substance abuse treatment, possibly even attending in-patient therapy at a rehabilitation center. They will usually also be subject to randomized drug testing throughout their participation in the program.

Many people will struggle to ever get a handle on a substance abuse disorder without professional help, so the requirements to receive addiction-related support services could actually help someone to gain better control over their substance abuse disorder.

Drug court can eliminate criminal penalties

If a Georgia defendant qualifies for drug court adjudication and completes all of the requirements set in their case, they can potentially avoid criminal consequences. Not only can they stay out of jail and avoid fines, but they can also protect themselves from having a criminal conviction on their record, which can often limit someone’s opportunities for employment and education.

Asking to have the drug courts hear a case can sometimes make a big difference for an individual facing an addiction-related drug charge in Georgia. As a result, seeking legal guidance to explore this option is a good idea for many individuals.