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Was your accident caused by unsecured cargo? 

Trucks provide a vital service across South Georgia and beyond. They deliver goods and products across the state and country. These larger vehicles must share the road with cars, motorcycles and other smaller vehicles. Often, this occurs without incident. Sadly, accidents do occur, though, and it is usually the smaller vehicles that fare the worst. 

One of the most significant dangers of sharing the roads with trucks is their cargo loads. If a cargo load is not secured properly, it can be hazardous in several ways. 

The truck can veer out of control 

Larger vehicles need to be balanced. Without this, there is a potential for the driver to lose control. If heavy cargo in the trailer of a truck becomes loose, it can shift from side to side. This means that the trailer will want to head in one direction, while the cab is heading in the other. The end result may be a jackknifing accident, which places road users in smaller vehicles at severe risk of injury.  

Flying objects 

There are occasions where the cargo itself can become a hazard. This is especially the case if the truck is towing an open container. Many of us have experienced a truck in front of us that is carrying logs. Fortunately, the loads tend to be properly secured. Nonetheless, if care and attention have not been paid to securing the items, the end result can be catastrophic. 

Vehicles of varying sizes have to share the roadways in Georgia, and all road users have a right to remain safe. If you have been hurt because of someone else’s negligence, seeking legal guidance could help you to hold them accountable.