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What is the problem with loose items in your car?

Maybe you have run out of space in your car because you are going on holiday. Or perhaps you are late for work and threw everything in. Either way, there are loose items scattered throughout your vehicle, items that could seriously injure or even kill you in a crash.

You are not alone. Most people run their cars like this because they do not realize how dangerous loose items can be.

If you need to brake suddenly or someone crashes into you, forcing your vehicle to stop suddenly or roll over, anything unsecured could go airborne. While your child’s cuddly bear toy is unlikely to hurt you if it hits you, many other things will. Even the bear could be dangerous if it lands beneath your brake pedal.

It’s not only inanimate objects that can be dangerous

Pets can also become hazardous to you, as well as to themselves. Here are some steps you can take to make the inside of your car safer:

  • Secure pets with a special seat belt or put them inside a travel cage and secure that. Install a strong partition if you prefer to let them lie loose in the trunk.
  • Put things such as laptops inside a bag rather than leaving them loose on the rear seat. Secure the bag if you can.
  • Keep heavy items such as tools behind a partition in the trunk or otherwise secured.

Taking care to pack your car safely means you should have fewer injuries to claim for in a crash, and the other driver cannot try to blame your injuries on your poor packing.