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How could pets cause a car crash?

If you take your pets with you in the car, you need to do so in the correct manner. Otherwise, they could cause a crash that injures you, them and others.

Maybe you already do this, but many drivers do not understand how to transport their pets safely or decline to do so.

Loose pets are dangerous because they can be distracting

A loose pet can distract you from driving or interrupt the operation of the vehicle. For example, it could get in the way of the pedals if it likes to curl up at your feet. It could obstruct your view if it jumps across in pursuit of a fly. It may also set out to get your attention, wanting you to stroke it or pick it up.

If you need to brake in a hurry, or if a car hits you, the pet could fly through the air and hit someone. Not only might that kill the pet, but it could also injure whoever it hits. The bigger the pet, the more harm it could do.

So how should you carry pets in a vehicle? There are two options:

  • Use a special pet seat belt: You install these on the rear seat.
  • Use a transport cage: This should be strapped down on the back seat or in the trunk.

Both these methods are also advantageous because they put the pet out of your line of sight, allowing you to concentrate on the road.

If a vehicle that crashes into you contains pets, consider if they contributed to the driver causing the crash and injuring you.